10.18.19 to 3.18.20

89827235_1611243399041212_327141710406615040_nThis, for me, is the hardest part.

These four grandkids who were the light of your life won’t get to know you. They won’t get to experience your crazy, loud, loving personality, or feel your over-the-top pride for them.

But they’ll have some memories, especially Lily, the oldest grandchild. When she was born, I pretty much ceased to exist, but I suppose that’s okay. 😅 She was pretty famous in Heber to your friends and family. Anytime I’d meet (or re-meet) someone, they’d say, “Oh, you’re the famous Lily’s mom.”

The night she was born, you paced the hospital halls when I was delivering her, and you barged into the room when you heard her first cry. 😂 I love that you love her so much. And you love them all that way—Hannahlia, Aislin, and Arrio.

One of the last times you saw Aislin, you asked me to put her on your bed, and you leaned over and kissed her silky blonde curls and said, “Grandpa will miss you.” I know you meant those words for all four of them.

I knew leaving them was one of the hardest things for you. “How,” you asked, “can heaven be any better than here?”

I know you’re watching over them. I know you’re cheering them on, celebrating with their successes, mourning with their losses. Doing your best to be Aislin’s guardian angel, which, you sort of deserve, since she’s your spirit reincarnated. 😉

So I guess that’s it, isn’t it, Dad? This world couldn’t have handled two of your spirits, so you, always the one to sacrifice for those you loved, handed the reins to Aislin, to all of your grandchildren, and told them to keep riding for you.

10.18.19 to 3.18.20