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Heber Valley Life Magazine

Wasatch County Fair–Celebrating the Past, Present, and Future

Starry Constellation Magazine

Charity Spotlight: Lopez Family Foundation

Charity Spotlight: Lindsey Vonn Foundation

Charity Spotlight: Eva Longoria Foundation

RIVALS: Riding the Dark-Pop Wave

Charity Spotlight: HeforShe Initiative

Charity Spotlight: The Julian D. King Foundation

The Aces Are Flying Right at You

Music by the Speed of Film: Filmspeed Band

Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

STACEY: First Move

When STACEY Sings

FOXTRAX: Grey Morning

Harper Grae is Proclaiming Her Freedom

The Sidewalk Angels Foundation: Giving a Voice to Those in Need

The SLVR Tongues–Johnny Cash

Lulu Cerone–Philanthroparties

Shayla Souliere–Over

Thriving Ivory–Back Where They Belong Part 1 and Part 2

John Allred: Singer, Songwriter, and One of the Dying Breed

The Unlikely Candidates: Not So Unlikely After All

Michael Finster–Flagship

Flagship Is On the Horizon

Shadowhunters: Book to Screen Comparison

The Man in the High Castle Book to Screen Comparison

Interview with Erica Dasher of “Guidance”

Act of God–The Crown, Episode 4

Fantastic Beasts Casts a Fantastic Spell

Royal Teeth Are Anything But Amateur

Windsor–The Crown, Episode 3

Hyde Park Corner–The Crown, Episode 2

Wolferton Splash–The Crown, Episode 1

The Nerdy Girlie

Music Monday #1: Secrets with A Silent Film (with Megan Elvrum and Tillie Elvrum)

A Very Fond Farewell

Scary Mommy

The Time I Forgot My Kindergartner at School